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Teralight partners with Sevis to add real-time response and real-time detection capabilities to its fraud detection and revenue assurance offerings


Combined technologies marry real-time responses with real-time detection




PLANO, TX -- Teralight Ltd, an international Telecom Technology Company today announced a partnership with Sevis Systems, a leading provider of advanced signaling solutions, to broaden Teralight’s portfolio of fraud detection and revenue assurance offerings.  The partnership adds Sevis’s Active Fraud Eliminator (AFE) and SIM Box Defense (SBD) technologies to Teralight’s Guardian and Prevail solutions.  The combined technologies significantly enhance a carrier’s ability to fight fraud by marrying real-time response capabilities with real-time detection capabilities; essentially closing the gap between detection and prevention.


PREVAIL analyzes inbound call traffic for patterns that are indicative of bypass fraud. Utilizing this software, our trained technicians work with a given network operator to take daily data feeds and to provide prompt analysis and feedback so that gray routes may be closed at the shortest possible time. Based on daily call detail records (CDR) and statistical report analyses, the software provides thorough processing of suspicious cases. After processing, the application provides in-depth summaries of suspected calling numbers, organized on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, or as defined by the user.


By integrating the real-time response and real-time detection capabilities of Sevis’s AFE and SBD technologies, Teralight is able to deliver advanced fraud prevention techniques, some of which include the following:


  • Preventing bypass fraud
  • Disabling SIMs in a SIM box
  • Blocking calls to premium rate service numbers
  • Tearing down long duration calls
  • Blocking calls from a call sell operation
  • Rerouting fraudulent calls to a fraud center
  • Stopping roaming fraud
  • Rerouting non-paying subscribers to customer service


Sevis’s AFE is an active signaling probe for fixed and mobile networks that not only provides the real-time signaling network data of traditional passive probes but also provides real-time response capabilities currently lacking in today’s fraud and revenue assurance systems.  It is an excellent complement to existing fraud detection and revenue assurance systems.


Sevis’s SBD allows mobile operators to defend against the massive problems introduced by SIM box fraud, the unauthorized use of GSM gateways used to bypass international gateway switches and associated termination fees directly resulting in severe revenue losses and other major problems.  Early detection of SIM boxes is critical because, in addition to revenue loss, SIM boxes cause network congestion, poor QoS, and spectrum management issues.  With SBD, mobile operators can track down and eliminate SIM boxes from the network in real-time.  SBD utilizes an SS7/C7 data feed to collect real-time usage data for each IMSI in the network.  This data is used to quickly identify offending SIMs.  Once an offending SIM is identified, operators can take preventive actions immediately to terminate and disable it.


“Sevis’s technology fits very well into our fraud detection and revenue assurance offerings.  It expands our ability to offer not only detection but also real-time prevention capabilities in the same system,” said Gary ONeal, Teralight’s President.  “This partnership further demonstrates our commitment to providing more efficient and effective ways to fight fraud, especially international bypass fraud in both fixed and mobile networks.”


“This partnership with Teralight further solidifies the need to add real-time response capabilities to existing fraud detection and revenue assurance systems,” said Rick Carter, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sevis.  “We are excited to be working with Teralight to help their customers close the gap between detection and prevention, a key step in reducing fraud of all types and its impacts to an operator’s bottom line.”


About Teralight Ltd and Prevail

Teralight Ltd. is a Management Consulting and Telecom Technology products and services company with a business acumen specializing in:

·        International Telecoms Regulatory Matters

·        Network Fraud Detection and Elimination

·        Market Research and Business Development

·        Infrastructure Due Diligence, Infrastructure Installation and Asset Acquisition


The company works very closely with leading international carriers and investment institutions regarding telecom asset evaluation, verification, validation and investment case management.


Teralight Ltd. was established in 1998 and maintains its head quarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has branch offices in Islamabad, Hong Kong and Phoenix.

Contact: Gary ONeal

Tel:  1-217-378-4674

E-Mail: goneal@teralight.com

Website:  http://www.teralight.com


About Sevis Systems, Inc.

Sevis is a global provider of signaling solutions to network operators and telecom equipment manufacturers.  Sevis’s product portfolio is based on its Signaling ASE®  Platform, a standards-based, carrier-grade SS7/C7 network node that functions as an application and service engine.  The platform’s transparency — no point code — eliminates network complexity by avoiding any network re-engineering and allows deployment independent of existing network infrastructure. 


The company provides multiple products that extend and enhance the signaling network’s capabilities:


·        Active Fraud Eliminator (AFE) – provides fraud vendors and carriers an active signaling probe giving them the ability to tear down, block, and reroute fraudulent calls.

·        SIM Box Defense (SBD) – a real-time detection and prevention solution for tracking down and eliminating unauthorized GSM gateways.

·        Network Access Mediation (NAM) – provides carriers with enhanced gateway screening and intelligent firewalling to protect against the risks of increased interconnection of signaling networks.

·        Transparent Message Router (TMR) – provides direct, transparent access to SS7/C7 or “A” interface signaling via an intelligent IP-based overlay network for deploying value-added applications such as SMS offload, SMS anti-spam, Equipment Identity Register (EIR), and AIN/WIN/CAMEL/INAP database applications.

·        Transparent SMS Router (TSR) – an SMS routing solution for increasing SMS throughput without purchasing expensive MSC, STP, and SMSC upgrades and deploying value-added SMS applications such as SMS auto-reply, SMS redirect/divert, and SMS advertising.


Founded in 1999, Sevis is an employee-owned and operated business. Its headquarters are located in Plano, Texas.



Sevis Systems, Inc.

2805 N. Dallas Parkway, Ste 530

Plano, TX 75093

Tel:  877-51-SEVIS

Sales:  770-536-2425                 E-Mail:  rick.carter@sevis.com



®  Signaling ASE, Sevis, and Sevis Systems are registered trademarks of Sevis Systems, Inc


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